LOOK 4687

♥♥ Skins:  Not Found   Not Found - Kol Skin Tan Browless @Man Cave

Compatible with Not Found Body Skins
5 Tones available (Pale~ Tan)
Normal and Browless
*BoM layers Only*

♥♥ Appliers Body: Not Found   Not Found - Gianni Body Tan Abs 2.0

♥♥ Body: Signature   [Signature] Gianni Body - Body (Default Neck) - v5.0 

♥♥ Head: LeLUTKA  LeLUTKA Eon Head 3.1

♥♥ Piercings: LeLUTKA  LeLUTKA.Png.EON.Lip.Set  LeLUTKA.Png.EON.Nose.Set

♥♥ eyesbrows: True Damage True Damage-David Eyebrows  Brown Cut

♥♥ shape  Not Found Not Found - Kol Shape@Man Cave

♥♥ Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -  L -  Illusion

♥♥ Outfit: True Damage True Damage- Boston Oversize Shirt Fatpack 

Boston redefine everything from rigging to texture , we implement a new texturing system that is getting better and better and for the first time we had included MORE COLORS on our fatpack including Holo colors .We did 6 single colors to choose from and we included 8 extra textures available on our fatpack.

We rigged Boston to fit Gianni , Legacy and Jake bodies with 2 different fitting on each body
-Semi Oversize
Boston is not just a new product but a new era for True Damage .
True Damage
Dare to be different

True Damage  True Damage-Oliver Jogger Fatpack

♥♥ Hairbase:  Not Found  Not Found - Eon Hairbase Brown 2

♥♥ eyebag: True Damage True Damage-David Eyebags 100%

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