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  • ♥♥ skin: [ session ] Winter (Lelutka Lilly) - T01 - BoM
  • ♥♥ Appliers [ session ] Winter Full body (skinny) - T01 (BoM v.2.2)
  • ♥♥ Shape :LeLUTKA - SHAPE Default lel EvoX KAYA
  • ♥♥ brows: LeLUTKA - SHAPE Brow lel EvoX KAYA
  • ♥♥ Head: LeLUTKA ./ HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1 @GIFT GROUP 
  • Hello LeLU's,

    It is so hard to believe Christmas is just 12 days away! We know last year we gave away two heads due to the pandemic and to help cheer everyone up, while we are hoping everything will be back to normal soon, we know it will be a little bit longer before it does. We have had a successful year even though we have experienced some bumps along the way, but one thing remains, your support has pushed us to reach new heights, and thanks to you, we are celebrating yet another year in Second Life.

    Today, LeLUTKA has worked hard on two new releases (KAYA and LOGAN), but these are a little different... these will be set to 0L$ for ALL of our group members from December 12th - December 24th (once this period is done, we will set them to our regular price), while this will not help alleviate the situation around the world, please allow us the opportunity to make this period a brighter one.

    We only ask one thing of you, actually, a couple (lol):

    - Do NOT use hammers as this will impact the performance of the sims.

    - Take your huds off, and anything that will create lag.

    - Stay time has been limited to 10 minutes per agent, those who remain will be sent home.

    - And do not idle on the sims, this will ensure everyone gets a chance to grab the gifts.

    We have rented a total of 3 sims in hopes that this will assist with the masses, please note: GIFTS WILL NOT BE ON OUR MAIN SIM, as we want everyone to be able to shop for their favorite heads.

    Take the taxi to one of the following 3 sims for KAYA AND LOGAN:




  • ♥♥ EYES: LeLUTKA / EYES / lel EvoX 3.1  
  • ♥♥ EARS:  LeLUTKA // EARS / Kaya ELF (add) 3.1
  • ♥♥ HAIR : Wasabi // Shari Xmas Ed. Hair
  • ♥♥ OUTFIT: Pseudo- Leo Leather Jacket Pink
  •  Pseudo- Oversized Tied Shirt White (Lara)
  •  Pseudo-P13 Crop Guccii (Lara)

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